Gallup’s State of the American Workplace survey found more than 50% of workers are not engaged at work as a result of stress, leading to a loss of productivity. Stress negatively impacts how we perform and function both in the workplace and in our daily lives.

A recent survey conducted by Colonial Life shows 41% of stressed workers say stress leads to a loss in productivity. Being under stress for prolonged periods of time can have serious consequences. Sometimes it leads to burnout. Burning out doesn’t only affect people’s work; it can also lead to serious mental health issues. 16% of workers have quit their jobs due to stress.

The prominence of stress among the workforce could prove costly for employers, especially nonessential businesses, seeking to optimize workflow amid the pandemic. As lost time from work has been indicated in a prior study to potentially cost employers upwards of $23 billion, decreased employee productivity could further amplify these predictions.

The 2019 State of Employee Communication and Engagement (PRE-COVID) study conducted by Dynamic Signal also reveals how many workers are on the edge of quitting their jobs due to stress. Nearly 63% of the surveyed workers are ready to quit their jobs as a result of workplace stress. Only 43% of US employees think their employers care about their work-life balance. Stats like these indicate how severe the schism between employees and employers is in the US.

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