We make self-care cool & bring culture to wellness.
We make self-care cool & bring culture to wellness.

It All Started

Having overcome two bouts of depression, Karlton Frazier was determined to Manifest a better life for himself.  “Yoga got me through and really saved my life.  I always wondered why more people of color like myself did not practice.  I would go into these hot yoga studios and did not see anyone who looked like me.” said Mr. Frazier, Co-Founder of TMC.

Then, one day, in early 2019 the idea dawned on him. “I went to a house showing and the home was beautiful.  The asking price was out of reach and when I walked out I said to myself… I am going to Manifest That Shit!”.  And hence, the idea was planted.  After spending many years in Yoga & Krav Maga trainings, Mr. Frazier wanted to bring color, design, & hip hop to yoga studios and fighting centers.  “I knew if I could liven up the stereotypical plain grey yoga mat then more people of color would be inspired to at least give their physical conditioning a second look.”



Having “Manifest That Sh*t!” designs in hand for a trip to New York in July 2019, Mr. Frazier sat down and had dinner with his good friend and current business partner, Suraj N. Batheja.

“When Karlton & I first sat down & discussed bringing graffiti art to yoga mats I was mesmerized by the potential of the opportunity. I knew the art would speak for itself and believed we could build something which was agnostic to all walks of life.  Everyone walks into yoga or a gym session seeking to Manifest a different intention.  Whether someone is looking to Manifest more love, peace, abundance, gratitude, power OR more – we knew that we could make Self-Care Cool and bring Culture to Wellness.”.  “Having overcome obstacles with alcohol through the power of meditation, we knew firsthand that Self-Care really works and there was a void in the marketplace.  We wanted to be the first to bring hip-hop, culture, and relevance to a stodgy product which has been flat for years.” said Suraj N. Batheja, Co-Founder of TMC. 

Our Goal...

Inspire millions to start and prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional health.  Wellness is all connected and includes a multitude of factors including exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep plus more.  Our aim is to motivate as many people as possible to take time for themselves and make their health a priority.  Even if it is only 10 – 15 minutes a day, developing a strong Self-Care Routine (whether through yoga, meditation, physical exercise, journaling, OR more) will enable someone to become their best form of self which translates into more productivity, deeper focus, and happier and healthier lives.

Which at the end of the day, is all we all really should desire for ourselves.  Realizing our best form of self.  Our products will help you Manifest your best form of self.


Meet Our


Karlton Frazier


Karlton Frazier is a marketeer in both the Fashion and Sports Gaming industry. Working for American Apparel and FanDuel, Mr. Frazier gained insight on brand creation, design, marketing retention, analysis, and supply chain integration. While doing so, Mr. Frazier took a head first leap into the world of personal fitness and yoga.

“Yoga helped me fight depression. It was beating my ass. I had no direction, no energy. I was lost. Yoga saved me.” – Karlton Frazier

After doing his first 30 day challenge in 2016, Mr. Frazier was completely shocked at the inherent benefits of yoga. He took that challenge to the next level in 2017 by doing a 90 day yoga challenge, which evolved into a 401 day yoga marathon. Within that year, Mr. Frazier completed his 200 RYT in Power/Vinyasa. He then followed it up with a 50 RYT in Yin in 2018 and another 50 RYT in Barre in 2019.

Since his first 30 day challenge, Mr. Frazier rediscovered his youthfulness through yoga which inspired him to pursue martial arts, in particular, Krav Maga. At this time Mr. Frazier is pursuing his Brown Belt as a student. He also has become a Krav Maga instructor teaching Levels 1, 2, and 3 (Yellow, Orange, Green belts).

Yoga has played a profound role in his life. It has helped him change his diet and get deeper into meditation. Realizing the immense benefits of yoga and meditation, Mr. Frazier has used the skills he gained in Corporate America to pursue his passion in getting as many minorities, and now everyone, into yoga!

Suraj N. Batheja


Suraj N. Batheja is an Entrepreneur, Chief Manifestor, Licensed Meditation Instructor, Mindfulness Coach, and highly accomplished Revenue Producer.

Overseeing all Business Operations including but not limited to Accounting, Legal, Business Affairs, Capital Raise, Social Media Influencer Program, and contributes with Marketing & overall strategic vision for the brand / company.

Having negotiated over $50M in revenue in the Sports & Entertainment field and held leadership positions at top tier organizations including Madison Square Garden & The Sacramento Kings, Mr. Batheja will oversee all Business Operations for The Manifest Company.

Someone early in my career sent me a note which read “Realize Your Greatness”.  I believe in The Manifest Company I have found my purpose to deliver a product to the masses which makes Self-Care Cool & Brings Culture to Wellness.  There is no better dedication of my time, effort, and energy than to the movement of Making Self-Care Cool & helping millions of people with their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.” 

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“Our vision is to manifest a universe where mental, physical, and emotional health are synonymous.”