We make self-care cool & bring culture to wellness.
We make self-care cool & bring culture to wellness.
Put your mantra, brand, or affirmation on your very own customized yoga or meditation mat.
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Use our design tool to custom design your own Manifest Mat.

Our Difference Makers
  • Ode To Hip-Hop! | Manifest Mat

  • Manifest That Sh*t!™ | Orange & Green Mat

  • Manifest Power™ Mat | Power Fist

  • Keep Striving | Manifest Mat

  • Keep Fighting | Manifest Mat

  • Inhale Exhale Manifest Mat™

  • Cali Vibes Manifest Mat™

  • $100 Manifest Mat™

  • Manifest Love™ Circle Mat | Rainbow Love

  • Manifest Gratitude™ Circle Mat | Rainbow Gratitude

  • Inhale Exhale Manifest Mat™ | 7 Foot XL

  • $100 Manifest Mat™ | 7 Foot XL

"Manifesting is not about attracting what you want. Manifesting is an awareness and understanding that you attract what you are."
- Wayne Dyer
– adj. Clearly revealed to the mind or senses

– verb. To reveal its presence or make an appearance

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The Manifest Company is

more than just products

It’s more than just a mat. Our manifest ecosystem was built to guide you through the entire process from start to full manifestation through peer to peer testimonies and an extensive online resource center.
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The Manifest Company was founded by two men in Corporate America who were overworked, stressed & believed there had to be a better way than the “Corporate Grind”. Karlton Frazier was able to get through two bouts of depression through yoga & Suraj N. Batheja was able to get through alcohol dependency through the power of meditation. Thus, they both shared a deep love for health, wellness, and discovering different modalities of self-care. After figuring out they wanted to make Self-Care Cool & motivate millions of people to go through their own transformation, both men set out to disrupt the Wellness Industry. By bringing art, color, & design to yoga & mediation mats, they believe they can bring “Culture to Wellness”.

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"Every mat has its own story.
What's yours?"

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Say Goodbye To Your Old Self

Spread love and Peace with our Manifest Mats

Manifest Mats

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Spread love & peace with our Manifest Mats!


Custom Manifest Mats

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Every mat has a story. Tell Yours! Great for gifts too!
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Want to create your own manifest mat?


circle mats

Perfect for kids!

circle mats

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Our circle mats are great for meditation or creating safe spaces for toddlers.
Meditation Health

did you know?


Meditation improves anxiety levels 60% of the time.


Meditation can reduce the risk of being hospitalized for coronary disease by 87%.


Meditation can increase employees’ productivity by 120%.


School suspensions were reduce by 45% thanks to meditation.


Practicing meditation can increase your attention span after only 4 days.


Mindfulness meditation can reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder
73% of the time.

  • Manifest That Sh*t™ | Pink Yoga Mat Towel

  • Manifest That Sh*t™ | Teal Yoga Mat Towel

  • Manifest Abundance™ – Yoga Mat Towel

  • Manifest Love™ Yoga Mat Towel | Pink Lady Love

  • Manifest Love™ Yoga Mat Towel | Colored In Love

  • Manifest Gratitude™ – Yoga Mat Towel | Candy Gratitude

  • Manifest Love™ Eye Mask | Pink Lady Love

  • Manifest Love™ Eye Mask | Colored In Love

Discover Yourself

Discover Others

Benefits of a Self-Care program including yoga, meditation, physical exercise and / or more can provide the following benefits:

Overall Fitness

can increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, boost endurance, & allow for improved mobility.

Heart Benefits

can decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol, blood sugar which decreases your risk for heart disease.


can reduce stress, anxiety, help control blood pressure, may prevent age-related memory loss & help fight addictions.

Rest & Rejuvenation

will help manage your emotions leading to clarity of thought & improved sleep patterns.

our Vision
“Our vision is to manifest a universe where mental, physical, and emotional health are synonymous.”
– The Manifest Company
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Self care is a way of life and has never been more cool

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  • Manifest Abundance™ Bowl | Abundance Party

  • Manifest Love™ Oven Mitt | Rainbow Love

  • Manifest Love™ Baby Bib | Pink Lady Love

  • Manifest Love™ Apron | Rainbow Love