We make self-care cool & bring culture to wellness.
We make self-care cool & bring culture to wellness.
Outdoor Products
  • Manifest Abundance™ Grocery Tote | Abundance In Color

  • Manifest Love™ Beach Tote | Pink Lady Love

  • Manifest Love™ Beach Tote | Rainbow Love

  • Manifest That Sh*t!™ | Black Hoodie w/ Patch – Pre Order

  • Manifest That Sh*t!™ Pink | Oversized Light Denim Jean Jacket

“If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand.”
- Buddha

Mental Benefits

• Increases memory
• Resets your sleep cycle for a better night’s sleep
• Improves creativity
• Improves clarity of thought
• Helps declutter the mind & helps with mental health

Physical Benefits

• Improves health & reduces risk of illness
• Maintains healthy eyesight

Emotional Benefits

• Improves life expectancy
• Reduces stress & improves happiness