As of 2019, 62% of mood disorders, 76% of anxiety disorders and 81% of substance use disorders do not receive treatment and there is an expected 53% increase in stress for 2021 due to Covid-19 (Mental Health America).

In 2019, the World Health Organization “WHO” labeled “employee burnout” as a medical condition caused by chronic workplace stress which is as harmful as secondhand smoke.

Employee burnout causes 60,000 deaths and costs business owners $90 billion annually (WHO).

The Manifest Company can help Employers & Employees alike achieve their best form of self & help with workforce issues. Our core purpose is to help you “Take a Breath & Find Your Space”. Whether that be through reading, writing, journaling, meditating, practicing yoga OR more our culturally relevant Manifest Mats help you create that what you see visually & feel spiritually.

If interested in helping your team members reduce stress, lower levels of anxiety, and perform at their best please DM me or email us at & someone will be in touch.

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