We make self-care cool & bring culture to wellness.
We make self-care cool & bring culture to wellness.

Meet Derek

I really love The Manifest Company’s mission. Y’all make fire gear for one, and it’s for such a great purpose, such a meaningful execution. The vision is very clear. We’re all trying to manifest something, so why not provide products that allow people to really move in that manifestation? Y’all are the perfect support system … Read more

Meet Tiffany

Yoga Teacher on a pink love mat

” I love and am obsessed with The Manifest Company mats because they speak truth. They invite in love, peace, abundance. Some of my favorite things that I’m choosing to invite in in 2023, and I’m also inviting in unlimited possibilities. That’s what it’s all about. It’s letting go of fear and stepping into your … Read more

Meet Kari

I love The Manifest Company because it’s colorful, playful, bright and inspirational and all of those things are just a reminder how to live off of the mat. You know, life is colorful, bright and playful and you can be the inspiration. That’s kind of my favorite thing about The Manifest Company. In 2023, I … Read more

Meet Thai

Black male yoga teacher in NYC

” Hey everyone, this is Thai James coming at you from Brooklyn, New York, hoping that the New Year brings love, light, and prosperity. I’m hoping to manifest peace and love and new adventure in my life. The guys at The Manifest Company are brilliant and amazing, and I love that they see the light … Read more

Meet Alexis

Yoga teacher in a park

” The first reason why I love the Manifest Company so much is their founders! Karlton and Suraj have huge hearts and they are always showing up for others! I first met them both within a yoga community where they were spreading kindness and friendship with all who crossed their path. They support not only … Read more