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Our Story

Our Story 


Karlton Frazier, the talented Marketer had a thought for a new business and wanted to figure out a way to make “plain grey yoga mats” culturally relevant. With designs in hand, he traveled to New York for a work trip in the summer of 2019. While there, he shared a dinner with his good friend and now business partner, Suraj N. Batheja, an Entrepreneur in the Sports and Entertainment Industry.

The two caught up over dinner on the lower East Side and Mr. Frazier shared his thoughts and designs illustrating his “Manifest That Sh*t!” mantra. It was clear that Mr. Frazier had a unique idea to bring Art to mats. However, when the two met Mr. Batheja asked, “ Why only the “Manifest That Sh*t! design?”

“Mr. Frazier indicated that he wanted to buy real estate & knew after taking a tour of his dream home that he had to “Manifest That Sh*t!” Mr. Batheja appreciated Mr. Frazier’s tenacity and was inspired by his designs. The two talked over dinner and decided to open the line up to include mantras for all walks of life & designs for Abundance, Courage, Gratitude, Greatness, Love, Peace, and Power were added to the portfolio.

“When Karlton showed me his designs I knew he was onto something special. Since we are good friends and trust level was high, I knew we could build something special to help people across the globe. The two soon to be Entrepreneurs wanted to create something which was agnostic to all forms, shapes, sizes, ages and genders. “Some people meditate. Others practice yoga, read, journal, HIIT train, while others take fifteen deep breaths on their mat. Point is not everyone is built the same. Karlton and I realized if we create something which is really cool, unique and inspires people to get on their mat then it is up to the person to put in the work and Manifest what’s missing in their life”.

As a devote yogi and instructor, Mr. Frazier knew from that dinner that the duo could motivate consumers work on their mental, physical, and emotional well-being after seeing how much yoga and meditation helped him in his life. “Getting on the mat and practicing yoga, meditation, HIIT training, and other forms of exercise truly saved my life when I was going through a tough time. I wanted to create something which brough elements of hip-hop, culture, art and relevancy to the plain grey yoga mat and inspire people who normally would not take time for themselves to embrace self-care and ‘Find Their Space’.” said Mr. Frazier.

The two Entrepreneurs are determined to knock down the negative stereotypes which come along with yoga, meditation, exercise, and self-care. The Manifest Company believes that if you take even just 10 – 15 minutes a day for yourself that you will realize your best form of self when you step outside in the morning. And once you can introduce yourself without even saying a word because your light shines so bright then we are truly at the cusp of transforming the world and leaving it a better place.

Now is the time. Get out there and Manifest That Sh*t!.


Karlton & Suraj