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Our Story

Karlton Frazier – Marketer by day, Yogi by night was set to launch his own company and focus on placing Graffiti Art on yoga mats.  Mr. Frazier spent many hours in the yoga community….teaching, learning, practicing yoga & more.  One day, as he came out of a house showing and wanted to purchase the home but was uncertain if he can financially absorb the price tag he asked himself….”How can I afford this house?”…..the answer was simple “Manifest That Sh*t!”

Fast forward a few months & with some designs & strategy in hand, Mr. Frazier had a trip planned to New York.  While eating with his good buddy & dear friend, Suraj Batheja with whom he had spent countless hours in LA discussing business, marketing, life, yoga & much more, Mr. Frazier informed Mr. Batheja of his plan / vision for Graffiti Art on yoga mats.  Mr. Batheja was impressed and thought they could push the envelope even further.  

Mr. Batheja suggested that they take the existing platform Mr. Frazier was working on and make it more agnostic for all walks of life.  Mr. Batheja believed everyone in the yoga community goes to class with a different intention.  Mr. Frazier was looking to “Manifest That Sh*t! and create  spiritual energy in which advancement & success were on its way.  Mr. Batheja suggested others go to class and try to create more love, peace, or abundance.  Point is everyone has a different intention and wants to create something different when they go to yoga.  In addition, both agreed not everyone practices yoga, but that does not mean that they do not need to take time for themselves & “Find Their Space”.  Thus, the Manifest Company started to take shape as both men wanted to create something which could help millions of people from all walks of life, shapes, sizes, genders, & abilities “Find Their Space”.  It also goes without saying, the two spiritually awakened men wanted to create something to help calm the heated emotions during such a tumultuous time in our nation’s history.

Thus, Mr. Frazier returned to LA & worked tirelessly and created some of the most banging designs on the street!  He wanted to create something which was colorful, artistic and cool & start stripping down the “bougie & woo-woo stereotypes behind yoga & mediation and decided color & hipness was the way to go!”  Having had his own issues in startups and fighting depression, Mr. Frazier turned to yoga & wanted to devise a product which shared his love for the community which has done so much for him.  While designing the product, Mr Frazier realized that life is about giving and they both decided that it was essential to give a portion of proceeds away to nonprofits and charities. One is far more blessed when they give than receive. 

To accompany Mr. Frazier’s love for yoga & mediation as well as his creative vision, Mr. Batheja brought to the table a great ability to be inclusive of all walks of life and the two of them realized that they could devise a product which would be agnostic, not alienate anyone and help people around the globe in any age bracket.  Ideally, anyone (7 – 70) can get on their Manifest Mat & “Find Their Space”.  Whether that be through practicing yoga, reading, writing, journaling, doodling, meditating, and / or more the fact remains Mr. Frazier & Mr. Batheja knew they could team up and help millions across the globe and bring a higher level of consciousness to society. 

They both are excited for you to embark on this journey with The Manifest Company.  We hope you enjoy your Manifest Mat as much as we have had designing, devising, creating, and building off of Mr. Frazier’s original idea.

Blessings for continued success & an abundance of good health!  Please share your stories as to how & why your Manifest Mat has helped you in your life.  That is what inspires us.  Knowing that we are helping millions of people across the globe “Find Their Space”.


Karlton & Suraj

Karlton Frazier Founder Pic

Suraj Batheja Founder Pic