Cool Mats for cool people!


Why are the Manifest Mats painted?

We believe that taking time for yourself even if 15 – 20 minutes to “Find Your Space” should be fun & enjoyable.  Yes, it takes time and work to create that what you desire on your Manifest Mat but we wanted to create an area for you which is fun, enjoyable, and uplifting.  Besides….graffiti / art on personal health mat.……That’s cool as F----


When can I expect my mat? 

All mats are printed to order. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please expect shipping times between 3-4 weeks max. We are working through these challenging time to deliver a vibrant, quality, and safe product.


Will the paint fade?

Over time and use, your Manifestations will start taking shape. Yes, there is a possibility that small aspects of the mat will chip away OR perhaps even fade to a lessor tone of color.  But, we assure you that means you are closer to Manifesting your vision for yourself.  #ManifestThatSh*t!


How do I clean my Manifest Mat?

  • Use dish soap or All Purpose Cleaner.*
  • Apply a small amount to a wet towel or cloth. Don't apply directly to the mat.
  • Wipe the mat thoroughly until cleaning residue is removed.
  • Let the mat air dry.*

*Use of bleach or extreme heat may cause damage to the mat.


How often should I use my Manifest Mat? 

As often as you like!  Our founders preach to take time for yourself as much as you possibly can.  Whether that be once a day OR 5Xs a day.  It is your Space and your chance to Manifest that what you desire from the Universe.


How will I know what I need to “Find My Space”?

Very tough for us to ascertain.  Our philosophy is we provide the portal / vessel to help you “Find Your Space”.  There is no substitute for the hard work though.  You have to get on your Manifest Mat and find what it is that takes you to another level of consciousness.  Whether that be reading, drawing, doodling, meditating, practicing yoga, journaling, spending time with family, talking to a friend, feeding the kids, or perhaps even napping……this is your time to “Find Your Space!”


How will I know when I have accomplished my goals / vision to Manifest a better reality for myself?

Our philosophy is we are ALL growing each and every day.  Do your best, keep advancing & striving for greatness!  As you show up in the world with your best form of self – you are helping us ALL reach a new level of consciousness as people will begin to interact with one another in a more caring, loving, respectful manner.